Back Bending & Hip Opening Classes

Back bending at Mysore hatha yoga. Ashtanga Yoga
Yoga is the fountain of the youth. You're only as young as your spine is flexible. Explore the full expression of bending the spine, mind and opening the heart with freedom & control.
The course starts with simple back bending asanas to its advance stage step by step as follows.
In this course we focus deep on the Back Bending of the spine, Hip portion, joint & muscle stretching and deep releasing tension from the body. The course is designed to lengthen and open the Hamstrings, the spine and the Hip area. Longer holds in these poses will give you an opportunity for deeper openings. Here we will teach you the techniques, how to do self practice & group practices etc.
Number of Students per Batch - Not more than 9 Students per batch.
Caution - Person who is suffering from High B.P., & Heart Diseases, Lower Back Pain, or any surgery Should avoid the practice
Duration & Schedule - Please contact Praveen on his mail/phone.
Instructor - Praveen